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Who we are: West Point Roofing is a sister company of Jayson Global Roofing, both leaders in the commercial, residential and low sloped roofing industry, in the city of Edmonton, Calgary and beyond. Jayson Global focuses mainly on steep slope roofing such as shingles and tiling for residential and commercial properties, West Point Roofing are leaders in the field of low slope and flat roofing for the residential and commercial market.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service and superior quality roof systems that will perform beyond industry standards. Our service department accommodates clients 24/7 in emergency cases in order to protect assets and limit damages when bad luck strikes. West Point Roofing makes a point of promoting eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible throughout our company. Our safety program ensures that we will never compromise our valued employees and the safety of other trades and the public, from the beginning until the end of every project.

Our employees are our most valued asset. From our owners to the newly hired labourer, you can be assured that every member of the West Point family will assist you from start to finish. We provide each employee with the training and information to ensure that we always stay on top of the latest technologies and application techniques to keep ahead of the industry when it comes to professionalism.

Our customers come second to no one. We guarantee that we will always be the first to respond to an emergency call or to have one of our professional estimators to provide you with a proposal for your roofing project. Our friendly staff are accessible and easy to reach at all times. Every member of the team is dedicated to do whatever it takes to achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

One of the flat roofing products we use for our flat roofing projects Siplast
One of the flat roofing products we use for our flat roofing projects Soprema
One of the flat roofing products we use for our flat roofing projects IKO
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