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Leading Flat and Low-Sloped Roofing Services in Edmonton, AB

Discover unparalleled roofing excellence with West Point Roofing in Edmonton, AB. As the vibrant capital of Alberta, Edmonton boasts a rich tapestry of architectural styles, from the historic charm of its older neighborhoods to the sleek modernity of its downtown skyscrapers. Our expertise in both residential and commercial flat and low-sloped roofs positions us perfectly to meet the diverse roofing needs of this dynamic city.

At West Point Roofing, we understand that each building in Edmonton is unique. That’s why our team is committed to delivering customized roofing solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of Edmonton’s discerning property owners. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art flat roof for a cutting-edge commercial facility or a durable, efficient low-sloped roof for a cozy family home, we bring a blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to every project.

Our extensive experience in Edmonton has equipped us to handle the city’s varied climate, from snowy winters to sunny summers. We ensure that every roof we install or repair is not just aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the local weather conditions, providing long-term protection and peace of mind.

We’re also deeply involved in the Edmonton community, understanding the local nuances and building codes, which allows us to provide service that’s not just technically excellent but also in tune with the city’s ethos. Our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in roofing solutions aligns with Edmonton’s forward-thinking approach to urban development.

Stay tuned for our dedicated Edmonton page, where we will showcase our extensive portfolio of projects across the city. This page will feature detailed before-and-after photos, client testimonials, and insights into how we tailor our solutions to each unique property in Edmonton, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in local roofing services.

Professional Flat Roof Inspections in Edmonton, AB

In Edmonton, AB, ensure the durability of your flat or low-sloped roof with West Point Roofing’s expert inspection services. We specialize in both commercial and residential roofing, focusing on preventative care. Explore our flat and low-sloped roof inspection services in Edmonton and arrange your inspection today. Consistent upkeep now can prevent significant repairs later.

Project Name: Mendryk Residence – Re-Roof
Street address: **** 152 St
City/postal code: Edmonton, Alberta T5R 1L2

For Mr. Mendryk’s home, we faced fixing a poorly installed SBS roof. Since Mr. Mendryk wanted to update his fascia boards and gutters simultaneously, we worked alongside other contractors. We aimed to ensure we all worked smoothly without getting in each other’s way.

The central part of our job was to remove the old SBS roof and replace it with a new 2-ply roofing system. This new system is known for being strong, waterproof, and long-lasting, precisely what Mr. Mendryk’s house needed.

Another vital fix was the roof vents. The old ones were not only the wrong type but also installed incorrectly. We correctly installed new Venmar vents to ensure good airflow. This step was crucial for keeping the roof in good shape and making the house more comfortable.

We also worked on improving how water flows off the roof. We added new metal drip edge that leads the water straight into the gutters, which helps keep water from pooling around the house. Plus, we added metal caps to other parts of the roof for extra protection against weather and to make the roof look better.

This project was about more than just fixing the previous roof’s mistakes. We aimed to upgrade Mr. Mendryk’s home, making sure every part of the work, from the roofing materials to the coordination with other teams, was done right. In the end, Mr. Mendryk got a roof that looks great and lasts for years.

Old SBS Roof System

Mendryk - Old SBS roof System Removed

New 2-Ply SBS Roof System

New 2-Ply SBS roof system on Mendryk Project

Project Name: The Continental Inn – Re-Roof
Street address: 16625 Stony Plain Rd
City/postal code: Edmonton, Alberta, T5P 4A8

We successfully completed a major re-roofing project at the Continental Inn Hotel, located at 16625 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton. The objective was to replace the outdated Built-Up Roofing (BUR) system, commonly referred to as Tar & Gravel, with a newer and more effective roofing solution. This upgrade aimed to bolster the hotel’s defense against weather elements and enhance its overall visual appeal.

Removing the old tar and gravel roof marked the beginning of this project, making way for installing an advanced 2-ply roofing system. This system started with a base layer of protectobase board, selected for its strength and reliability as a foundational layer. The next step involved applying a 250 mineral cap sheet as the final layer, valued for its excellent waterproofing properties and resilience to extreme weather conditions.

An essential part of this renovation was reinforcing the roof’s perimeter with new wooden structures. This was critical for maintaining the integrity of the roof’s edges and providing a sturdy base for the additional roofing materials. Moreover, to enhance the building’s water drainage system and avert potential damage from water pooling, we strategically positioned new drains to facilitate efficient water discharge.

The renovation also included replacing and upgrading all plumbing vents and installing new, insulated Thaler Stack Jacks to improve ventilation, significantly boosting the roofing system’s overall functionality. The project concluded with installing new metal capping, which adds an extra layer of protection against the elements and improves the hotel’s aesthetic appeal.

This extensive re-roofing effort at the Continental Inn Hotel not only addressed the urgent need to update the outdated roofing system but also substantially improved the building’s functional and aesthetic aspects. Installing the new 2-ply roofing system equips the hotel to offer a more secure and comfortable environment for its guests, ensuring the building’s durability and operational efficiency for the foreseeable future.

Testimonials From Customers

“I would highly recommend using West Point Roofing to anyone that would like an excellent roofing job. Over my 43 years in the hotel business, I have never had such a refreshing contractor do work for us from start to finish.”

Mr. M. Mazepa

The Continental Inn, Edmonton

Old Tar and Gravel Roof System

Old Tar and Gravel roof System removed

New 2-Ply SBS Roof System

New 2-Ply SBS roof System Installed

Project Name: Concordia University of Edmonton – Re-Roof
Street address: 7128 Ada Blvd NW
City/postal code: Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4E4

Old Tar & Gravle Roofing System

Old BUR - Tar and Gravel roof removed

New 2-Ply SBS Roof System

New 2-ply SBS roof system installed

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

1. What causes blisters on tar and gravel roofs in Edmonton?
    • In Edmonton, blisters can occur due to moisture entrapment or thermal expansion. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to detect and address these issues early.

Call us on 780 439 223

2. How often should I replace my flat roof in Edmonton?
      • Typically, a flat roof should be replaced every 20-25 years. However, in Edmonton, factors like severe weather can affect this timeline. Regular inspections can help determine the right time for replacement.

    Call us on 780 439 223

    3. Is it advisable to add insulation to my flat roof in Edmonton?
      • Definitely, insulation is crucial in Edmonton to combat the cold climate. It helps in retaining heat, reducing energy costs, and protecting your roof from weather-related damage.
    4. What's causing moss on my flat roof in Edmonton, and how can I prevent it?
      • Moss often grows in moist, shaded areas. In Edmonton, ensure your roof has proper drainage and sunlight exposure. Regular maintenance and moss-resistant treatments can also be effective.
    5. Essential questions to ask a roofing company in Edmonton?
      • Inquire about their experience with Edmonton’s climate, ask for examples of local projects, and verify their licensing. Also, discuss the materials they use, their approach to insulation, and warranty details.

    Testimonials From Customers

    Commercial flat roof in replacement for Cash Canada in EdmontonWe have been using the services of West Point Roofing for a year now and have been completely satisfied with their quality of work in their respective field. Commercial flat roof consultant, Peter Coscolin, has gone above and beyond to make sure that we are satisfied customers. West Point Roofing does an excellent job while offering competitive rates and amazing customer service.

    We have tired West Point Roofing to repair the roofs at a few of our locations here in Edmonton, and most recently, they have replaced the entire roof at our Eashwood location, located at 8730 11th Avenue. They offer a wonderful warranty on all work completed and work with you to ensure that all your questions are addressed in a timely manner. I am happy to recommend the services of West Point Roofing.

    Aimee C.

    Commercial flat roof replacement in Edmonton, For Cash Canada Financial

    New 2-Ply SBS roof System InstalledI would highly recommend using West Point Roofing to anyone that would like an excellent roofing job. Over my 43 years in the hotel business, I have never had such a refreshing contractor do work for us from start to finish.

    M. Mazepa

    M. Mazepa

    Commercial flat roof replacement in Edmonton, The Continental Inn

    Commercial tar and gravel roof replacement in EdmontonThis summer we needed our tar and gravel roof replaced on our business building.  We contacted Peter Coscolin at West Point Roofing for a quote.  Peter gave us a very professional quote plus took me to see several roofs that their company had replaced.  The other companies that we contacted either did not return our calls, gave a one-page quote or came in at double the price.

    We were very pleased with the time and effort Peter showed us to make sure we were comfortable with the job they would be doing. In replacing our roof there was the parking lot and air conditioning units that needed to be considered.  Peter was very good at arranging with others for the shutdowns and rearranging the parking and safety of all concerned. We are very pleased with the completed job and look forward to worry-free rainy and snowy days.  The two-year free maintenance program that is offered shows how they stand behind their work. Thank you Peter.

    Darrel and Dorothy S.

    Commercial tar and gravel roof replacement in Edmonton

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