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Flat roof repair division in Edmonton, specializing in commercial and residential low slope and flat roof repairs and maintenance.

Here are a few questions that some of our customers have already asked about their low slope or flat roof problems.


Residential and Commercial Flat Roof Repair Systems, we specialize in –

  1. Modified Bitumen System
  2. Single-Ply Membrane System
  3. Built Up Roofing System (BUR)

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All of our workers are covered by W.C.B. in all our locations, given you peace of mind.

How much will it cost me to repair my flat roof?

This will depend on a few factors, for example how big is the roof leak problem?

What type of roofing membrane is on your roof at the moment?

Has it damaged the roofing insulation?

These are just a few things to keep in mind.

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Why is my flat roof bubbling and rippling?

Roof blisters can be caused by any number of things:

  1. Moisture
  2. Poor Installation
  3. Poor Ventilation

Call us today and we will send someone out and do a free report regarding the roof blisters you have.

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Can rolled roofing be repaired?

Yes, this is a fairly straightforward repair for us. We will send our service crew out and look at the roof area that is damaged and give you a proposal for the repair.

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How often should a flat roof be inspected?

Inspections should take place in the spring to check for any damage from the winter, so roof repairs can be made during the summer months.

The second inspection is in the fall making sure the roof is in good condition ready for the winter months.

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What are the disadvantages of flat roofs on residential and commercial buildings

The small disadvantage to installing a flat roof is the drainage as this can add extra cost to the roofing works.

The majority of flat roofs use a Modified Bitumen System or Single-Ply Membrane System.

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What is the best material for a flat roof?

These are some of the popular materials used on low slope and flat roof constructions.

  1. Modified Bitumen System (SBS)
  2. PVC
  3. EPDM
  4. TPO
  5. BUR (Tar & Gravel)


Service Area: Edmonton & Surrounding areas

All works will be in accordance to good roofing practices with qualified tradesman, fully bondable, WCB covered.

We also carry a 5 million dollar liability insurance for all roofing works.

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