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Specialized Flat and Low-Sloped Roofing in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Welcome to West Point Roofing, your trusted partner for exceptional flat and low-sloped roofing services in Fort Saskatchewan, AB. This vibrant city, known for its rich history and beautiful river valley landscapes, deserves the finest in roofing craftsmanship. We are here to deliver just that, with our expertise in both residential and commercial roofing solutions.

Our team is well-versed in the unique roofing needs of Fort Saskatchewan’s diverse architectural styles. From historic buildings to contemporary commercial spaces, we ensure that every roofing project we undertake not only complements the aesthetic of the property but also offers long-lasting durability and protection against the local climate.

Keep an eye out for our dedicated Fort Saskatchewan page, where we will feature detailed accounts of our projects, including client testimonials, photos, and addresses, showcasing our commitment to excellence in this community.

Comprehensive Flat Roof Inspections in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Fort Saskatchewan, AB, benefits from West Point Roofing’s thorough flat and low-sloped roof inspections. Our services, ideal for commercial and residential properties, aim at early issue detection. Find out more about our flat and low-sloped roof inspection services in Fort Saskatchewan and schedule your inspection. Regular inspections today can save you from hefty repairs in the future.

Project Name: Brad Ward WP-9747
Street address: 4*** 100 Ave
City/postal code: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 3H4

Old SBS roof System
New SBS roof system with sloped insulation boards

In Fort Saskatchewan, we encountered a challenging project involving removing an old and poorly installed SBS roofing system. The installation had several deficiencies, so a complete overhaul of the roofing structure was needed.

Our first step was removing the deteriorated SBS membrane, revealing that the insulation boards underneath were compromised and required replacement. Along with the insulation, the metal components of the roof system needed to be revised, necessitating a comprehensive rework of the metal flashing and other related elements to ensure the roof’s integrity and performance.

To address these issues, we installed a new vapour barrier to provide a solid moisture control layer, which is crucial for the longevity and effectiveness of the roofing system. Following this, we replaced the old insulation boards with new, high-quality materials to enhance thermal performance and ensure compliance with current building codes and standards.

This meticulous process culminated with the installation of a new 2-ply SBS modified bitumen roofing system. This modern roofing solution offers superior durability, flexibility, and resistance to environmental factors, ensuring the building is well-protected for years to come. Our comprehensive approach to this project in Fort Saskatchewan rectified the previous installation’s faults and significantly upgraded the building’s roofing system to meet and exceed industry standards.

Brad Ward

5 Stars

We selected West Point Roofing as an Alberta certified Flat Roof installation and repair company. Peter Coscolin spent over 1 hour thoroughly inspecting the roof to provide a comprehensive evaluation and installation plan that was far more comprehensive than what other companies offer. He met with us and answered all of our questions before we committed to West Pont.

The installation team only works on flat roofs… a sister company has a separate team that only does sloped roofs. From WCB, proof of insurance and adherence to proper OH&S protocols, we felt completely satisfied. Work was scheduled quickly, completed on time. Peter Coscolin provided a comprehensive pre-work assessment and followed with a post-work report filled with photos showing their work as it progressed.

As a certified installer, work is guaranteed by the company and the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association. Peter just completed a 6-month post installation inspection that included more photos in a report… the first of annual inspections to follow. We cannot say enough good things about West Point and Peter Coscolin and the exceptional work that the entire team completed.

Having our roof installation done properly has brought peace of mind. At minimum, hire an Alberta Roofing Contractors Association company. To know your work will be done properly, hire West Point and speak with Peter before making any decision.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

1. Can weather in Fort Saskatchewan cause blisters on my flat roof?
    • Yes, extreme temperature fluctuations in Fort Saskatchewan can lead to blisters on flat roofs. Regular inspections and maintenance are key to identifying and fixing these issues promptly.

Call us on 780 439 223

2. What are the signs that my flat roof in Fort Saskatchewan needs replacing?
      • Look out for persistent leaks, visible damage, or if the roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan (20-25 years). Given Fort Saskatchewan’s climate, it’s wise to have regular professional assessments.

    Call us on 780 439 223

    3. How beneficial is roof insulation in Fort Saskatchewan's climate?
      • Insulating your flat roof is highly beneficial in Fort Saskatchewan. It helps maintain indoor temperature, reduces energy costs, and protects your roof from the harsh local weather.
    4. What should I do about algae or moss on my flat roof in Fort Saskatchewan?
      • Algae and moss can be a common issue. Ensure proper roof drainage and cleanliness. In some cases, treatments or preventive measures like anti-moss strips may be necessary.
    5. What are key considerations when hiring a roofing company in Fort Saskatchewan?
      • Ask about their experience with flat roofs in the local climate, request references, and ensure they have proper licensing and insurance. Discuss material quality, warranty options, and get a detailed quote.

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