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Please email us today if you have any questions regarding your low slope or any flat roofing problems.

Flat roof system completed at LeducFlat roof system completed at Leduc


After many years of using the same contractor, and also being satisfied with their work, I decided maybe I should look at different quotes as the one I received from my contractor seemed to be accessibly high, to replace a whole roof of 23,000 sq. ft.

Looking at different quotes , talking to roofers, and listening to all the sales pitches. The most honest and helpful was Peter Coscolin of West Point Roofing Inc. He answered all questions and also made some money saving suggestions. Although he was not the lowest quote, he seemed to be the most honest and professional.

His crew came and were very clean, worked with our tenant, not to interfere with his business. He had a safety inspector on site several times. I spoke with her and was very satisfied that all safety regulation were followed. Also they made sure that in case it rained the roof was covered. Although this work was quite large it was completed in a timely.

At the end Peter and I inspected the new roof and I came away very satisfied. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter Coscolin to anybody interested in a professional job.

George B.
Leduc County, AB