Low slope roof Problems in Edmonton

Low-slope roofing used to be traditionally installed with shingles, tar and gravel. Due to the ongoing problems with these low-slope roofs, they are rarely built anymore and have been discontinued.

Choosing the right material and system for your low-slope roofing is very important in our Northern Alberta climate. New products like a 2-ply system or even a single-ply system are popular in today’s market. Both of these systems take advantage of the flexibility to add extra insulation to the main roof areas at the time of re-roofing. Adding some or more insulation to your roof area can make your property more energy efficient and save you money.

Altering the thermal performance of your building is not without risk. One of the most significant risks is that it can create condensation, which could lead to mould forming and thus damaging a property.

You should always get advice on the best methods for improving the thermal performance of your flat roof by using a qualified roofing contractor, such as West Point Roofing.

Roof inspection

Roof inspections are very important, as they can show you the condition of your low-slope roof. The report should cover the condition of roofing materials, possible movement, blisters or ridges, drip edge details, and flashing around roof pipes, chimneys, and vents, just to name a few.

The main reason for the failure of these traditional low-slope roofs is a lack of maintenance. It should be noted that at least two inspections should occur every year.

Inspections should take place in the spring to check for any damage from the winter so roof repairs can be made during the summer months. The second inspection, in the fall, is to make sure the roof is in good condition for winter.

Ask for your free flat roof inspection today.

Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors in today’s market use different roofing systems on low-slope roofs. Single-ply roofing membranes are remarkably effective on low-slope roofs, and they are among the fastest-growing products, having gained acceptance within the roofing industry as a more viable, speedier, and cleaner roof installation.

Most roofing contractors in the local area tend to use a number of different single-ply roofing membrane products for low-slope roofs, like TPO, EPDM, or a PVC membrane. These three are the most common types of single-ply membrane systems on the market. They are very popular as they are lightweight, making them the ideal choice for low-slope roofing.

Two-ply roofing membranes are also used on low-slope roofs. These systems tend to include a two-layer method, and they can be installed by mechanically fastening the roofing system or laying it in hot asphalt.

Both of the above systems can be used with or without a new insulation board system. Get your free roof inspection done today, and we can provide the best options for your roof.

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