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Nisku’s Choice for Flat and Low-Sloped Roofing Excellence

At West Point Roofing, we are proud to offer our specialized flat and low-sloped roofing services to the Nisku, AB community. Known for its industrial prowess and thriving business environment, Nisku demands roofing solutions that match its robust character. Our team is up to the challenge, providing expert roofing services for both commercial and residential properties.

Understanding the specific needs of Nisku’s diverse buildings, we tailor our roofing solutions to offer maximum durability, efficiency, and style. Our approach ensures that your property not only stands out in terms of aesthetics but also offers the best in protection and longevity.

Look forward to our dedicated Nisku page, featuring a gallery of our completed projects in the area. This page will include client testimonials, photos, and project addresses, highlighting our commitment to delivering top-quality roofing services in Nisku.

Expert Roof Inspections for Nisku, AB Properties

In Nisku, AB, West Point Roofing’s flat and low-sloped roof inspections are essential for both commercial and residential buildings. We focus on proactive problem-solving. Visit our flat and low-sloped roof inspection services page for Nisku and schedule your inspection. Regular maintenance can prevent costly future issues.

Project Name: DBA – Maclise Realty
Street address: 1804 4th Street
City/postal code: Nisku, AB, T9E 7T8

Old BUR - Tar and Gravel roof system removed at 1804 4th St Nisku
New SBS 2 ply roofing system installed at 1804 4th St Nisku

In a recent project at 1804 4 St, Nisku, AB T9E 7T8, we comprehensively replaced an outdated Built-Up Roofing (BUR) system in a warehouse. Our initial task was to remove the old BUR roof and thoroughly assess the underlying structure. During this phase, we identified and replaced sections of wet fiberboard insulation, an essential step to ensure the integrity and thermal efficiency of the roofing system.

Following the preparatory work, we installed a new 2-ply modified bitumen roofing system. This modern roofing solution is recognized for its durability, excellent waterproofing characteristics, and adaptability to various weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for the warehouse’s needs. To enhance the roof’s functionality, we also installed new drains, a crucial component for effectively managing water runoff and preventing potential water damage.

An additional upgrade to the warehouse’s roofing system included the installation of new metal capping around the building’s perimeter. This strengthens the roof’s resistance against environmental factors and provides a finished look that enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal.

The completion of this project has significantly improved the warehouse’s roofing structure, ensuring it is well-equipped to protect against the elements and support the building’s operational demands for years to come.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

1. What causes blisters on flat roofs in Nisku, and how can they be prevented?
    • Blisters are often due to moisture or air trapped under the roof surface. In Nisku, regular maintenance and proper installation are key to preventing these issues.

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2. How do I know when to replace my flat roof in Nisku?
    • Signs like frequent leaks, visible damage, or an aged roof (20+ years) indicate it’s time for a replacement. In Nisku, consider a professional evaluation for an accurate assessment.

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3. Is adding insulation to my flat roof in Nisku a good idea?
    • Yes, adding insulation is beneficial in Nisku for enhancing energy efficiency and protecting your roof against extreme weather conditions.
4. What steps can I take to address moss on my flat roof in Nisku?
    • Regular cleaning and ensuring proper drainage are crucial. In Nisku, you might also consider treatments or preventive measures to keep moss at bay.
5. Essential considerations when choosing a roofing company in Nisku?
    • Ask about their experience with flat roofs in Nisku, request local references, and verify their insurance and licenses. Discuss the materials they use and understand their warranty policies.


Westpoint Roofing recently completed a major roof replacement (tar torch-on) on a large industrial property that I own. I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for Westpoint Roofing.

From the first interview to the final details I was impressed with the service they provided. Mr. Peter Coscolin was the agent who I worked with and he was thoroughly professional and very reliable, fulfilling every commitment and explaining the process from beginning to end before and while the job progressed. Any questions or concerns I had were answered promptly and honestly. The job was a very costly project and the company was reasonable in helping me manage the financing. Their bid was very competitive without compromising quality. I asked for minor adjustments in the products to be used and they accommodated my requests whenever possible.

The weather was not cooperative during the process but they adjusted to that challenge very effectively and did not allow this to interfere with either the timing or the efficacy of the final product. The job was completed in a timely manner with no compromise in quality.

I am very pleased with all aspects of the service, price and quality of the roofing job that I received from Westpoint Roofing. I will definitely use this company for my future roofing needs and do not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Sharon M.
DBA – Maclise Realty
Nisku, AB

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