A flat roof inspection is invaluable for identifying potential problems with a roof that could lead to costly repairs or replacements in the future.

A thorough inspection can identify minor issues before they become significant problems that are more expensive to fix. Additionally, inspections can detect structural damage, water leaks, missing flashing details, and other issues affecting the roof’s overall integrity.

A roof inspection can also provide valuable information about a roof’s lifespan and help building owners and homeowners plan for future repairs or replacements.

Should I have my Flat roof inspected?

Yes, it is highly recommended to have your flat roof regularly inspected by a professional roofer.

Flat roofs are more prone to water ponding, which can cause membrane deterioration and other issues. Regular inspections can detect issues with the membrane and provide valuable recommendations on how to repair or replace it to prevent further damage.

Additionally, a professional roofer can inspect the flashing, drains, and sealants to ensure they are in good condition and provide necessary maintenance or repairs.

What should I ask the roofing contractor?

When hiring a roofing contractor for a flat roof inspection, it is essential to ask for proof of licensing and insurance, references, and a written contract.

Please note that references are essential; there are many roofing companies who now purchase reviews on Google to help them rank higher in the search engines.


Do your research on your chosen roofing company. If you are going by Google Reviews, check the reviews carefully.

A few things to consider are: –

1. How many reviews have gone up in one day? Too many reviews in one day, or even a week or two ago, can indicate a sign of fake reviews. These NEW reviews are sometimes highlighted in bold by Google.

2. Where did the review come from? If you are researching a company in Edmonton, how would your chosen roofing company receive a 5-star review from the United States, UK, and even Nigeria, all on the same day by the same customer?

West Point is happy to provide you with written reviews and references from many satisfied, legitimate customers who have had their roofing works completed.

Make sure you do your research thoroughly to avoid being misled.

Additionally, inquire about the contractor’s experience and qualifications. Do they have WCB and insurance to ensure they are qualified to inspect and repair flat roofs, Ask if the contractor offers a written report outlining their findings, as well as any recommendations they have for repairs or maintenance. Finally, make sure to ask about the cost of the inspection and any warranties they offer.

How much will it cost for the flat roof inspection?

The cost of a flat roof inspection will vary depending on the size and complexity of the roof, the contractor’s experience and qualifications, and the region where the inspection is taking place. Generally, flat roof inspections cost between $100 and $500.

If you have an original BUR (Tar & Gravel System) roof, West Point Roofing will undertake the inspection for free and provide you with a detailed report with photographs showing the deficiencies on the roof. We will be happy to provide you with the option for a repair or a replacement option.

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