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Sherwood Park, AB’s Choice for Quality Flat and Low-Sloped Roofing

West Point Roofing is proud to offer its specialized services in flat and low-sloped roofing to the residents and businesses of Sherwood Park, AB. As a dynamic and thriving community known for its balance of urban and natural elements, Sherwood Park demands roofing solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our team is committed to delivering just that.

We understand the unique architectural styles and climate challenges of Sherwood Park, ensuring that our roofing solutions not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. From sleek commercial buildings to comfortable residential properties, our roofs are designed to be both visually appealing and highly durable.

Look forward to our dedicated Sherwood Park page, where we will highlight our local projects. This page will feature client testimonials, project photos, and addresses, underlining our commitment to excellence in roofing within the Sherwood Park community.

Specialized Flat Roof Inspections in Sherwood Park, AB

In Sherwood Park, AB, West Point Roofing’s flat and low-sloped roof inspections are a crucial step in maintaining your property. We offer services for both commercial and residential roofs, targeting early problem identification. Discover our flat and low-sloped roof inspection services in Sherwood Park and schedule your inspection. Regular inspections are key to avoiding future costly repairs.

Project Name: Sherwood Park Alliance Church – New Re-roof project with a 2-Ply SBS System
Street address: 1011 Clover Bar Rd
City/postal code: Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4V7

Sherwood Park Alliance Church Re-Roof Project:

We recently completed a vital re-roofing project for the Sherwood Park Alliance Church, significantly enhancing its roof’s durability and lifespan. Our skilled team installed a cutting-edge 2-Ply SBS modified bitumen roofing system, chosen for its exceptional waterproofing and resistance to harsh weather. This advanced material ensures the church’s roof is both strong and leak-proof for the long haul.

Our focus on safety, efficiency, and keeping disruptions to a minimum meant the church could continue its activities unhindered. The project’s success showcases our dedication to providing durable, aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions that meet and surpass our clients’ expectations, ensuring the Sherwood Park Alliance Church’s roof is well-protected and looking great.

Sherwood Park Alliance Church Main entrance roof area
Sherwood Park Alliance Church with new SBS roof system
Sherwood Park Alliance Church Classroom areas
Sherwood Park Alliance Church office entrance roof area

Project Name: Marvin Re-roof Remove Old SBS
Street address: Milburn Pl
City/postal code: Sherwood Park, AB T8A 0T8

Residential Roof Overhaul with Skylights:

Our recent project transformed a residential property by replacing an outdated SBS roof with a new, durable 2-Ply SBS system and adding tube skylights for natural lighting. We started by removing the old roof with care and then reinforced the deck to ensure a robust foundation for the new roof. Installing tube skylights was an essential upgrade, designed to brighten the interior while maintaining the roof’s integrity.

The new 2-Ply SBS roofing system was chosen for its superior weather resistance and longevity. Our detailed installation techniques ensured a seamless finish, enhancing the home’s aesthetic and functional value. This project improved the home’s stability, energy efficiency, and indoor ambiance, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative roofing solutions.

Marvin Re-roof - Remove Old SBS
Marvin Re-roof - New 2-Ply SBS system installed

Project Name: Fakeley Residence
Street address: Village Court
City/postal code: Sherwood Park, AB T8A 0Z3

Sherwood Park Residential Roof Upgrade:

We recently upgraded a residential roof in Sherwood Park from an old built-up roofing (BUR) system to a modern 2-ply SBS roofing system. The project started with removing an outdated roofing system and carefully preserving the home’s structural integrity. After thoroughly inspecting and preparing the roof deck, we installed the 2-Ply SBS system, known for its excellent waterproofing and durability against harsh weather.

Our team focused on precision, safety, and minimal disruption throughout the installation, ensuring a smooth transformation. The result is a state-of-the-art roof that enhances the home’s protection against the elements and its aesthetic appeal. This upgrade showcases our commitment to delivering high-quality roofing solutions that elevate living standards and provide homeowners with peace of mind.

Old Tar & Gravel Roof System

Rod Fakeley Old BUR -Tar and Gravel Roof System

New 2-Ply SBS Roof System

Rod Fakeley New 2-ply SBS roof system

Testimonial From Customer

We made many inquiries during the last year seeking a roofing company to replace our 25-year-old tar and gravel roof. We wanted it done properly and with respect to our home and property. With four quotes in hand, we met with Mr. Peter Coscolin of West Point Roofing Inc. Peter instantly put us at ease. He answered all questions and thoroughly explained the process and what the final result would be. What we really appreciated was the fact that Peter took all the unease and worry away from us.

This was a significant and costly upgrade to our home and we wanted it done properly with a professional contractor that would impress us with their attention to detail. From the first day to the last Peter’s crew (Josh and the others) were very respectful of our property – Keeping things tidy as they went along. All our concerns about replacing our outdated roof were fully forgotten. Before we knew it, the roof was replaced and looks better than expected. No hassles at all. We are so happy that Peter and his guys were the ultimate professionals. We are more than pleased to recommend Mr. Peter Coscolin and West Point Roofing.

Rod F.

Fakeley Residence
Village Court, Sherwood Park,

Residential tar and gravel roof replacement in Sherwood Park

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

1. What leads to blisters on my Sherwood Park flat roof, and how can I prevent them?
    • Blisters often result from trapped moisture or air. In Sherwood Park, ensure your roof is properly installed and maintained to prevent these issues.
2. How do I know it's time to replace my flat roof in Sherwood Park?
    • Signs like aging (20+ years), frequent leaks, or significant damage suggest it’s time for a replacement. Regular inspections are key in Sherwood Park due to variable weather.
3. Should I add insulation to my flat roof in Sherwood Park?
    • Yes, adding insulation is advisable. It improves energy efficiency and can protect your roof from Sherwood Park’s fluctuating weather conditions.
4. What should I do about moss or algae on my flat roof in Sherwood Park?
    • Address moss or algae by ensuring proper roof drainage and regular cleaning. In Sherwood Park, consider professional treatments if the problem persists.
5. What considerations are important when choosing a roofing contractor in Sherwood Park?
    • Look for a contractor with experience in flat roofs specific to Sherwood Park’s climate. Check their references, insurance, and discuss the materials and warranty options they provide.

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