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Expert Flat and Low-Sloped Roofing Services in Sturgeon County, AB

In Sturgeon County, AB, West Point Roofing is your go-to expert for all your flat and low-sloped roofing needs. As a region celebrated for its natural beauty and agricultural heritage, Sturgeon County’s homes and businesses deserve roofing solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Our team is committed to delivering such quality, with a focus on durability and style.

We understand the diverse roofing requirements of Sturgeon County’s varied landscape, from its quaint rural homes to its modern commercial establishments. Our flat roofing services are designed to offer the best in protection, energy efficiency, and visual appeal. We pride ourselves on using superior materials and cutting-edge techniques to create roofs that stand the test of time and elements.

Look forward to our upcoming Sturgeon County page, where we will showcase our work in the area, complete with client testimonials, before-and-after photos, and detailed project addresses, underlining our commitment to roofing excellence in Sturgeon County.

Reliable Flat Roof Inspections in Sturgeon County, AB

In Sturgeon County, AB, West Point Roofing offers comprehensive flat and low-sloped roof inspections. Our services, ideal for commercial and residential properties, aim at early issue identification. Learn more about our flat and low-sloped roof inspection services in Sturgeon County and book your inspection. Consistent roof care today can prevent significant future expenses.

Project Name: RR – Redwater Ambulance Bay
Street address: 4812 58 St
City/postal code: Redwater, Alberta, T0A 2W0

Redwater Ambulance Bay Roof Upgrade:
The Redwater Ambulance Bay recently underwent a significant renovation, replacing its outdated Built-Up Roofing (BUR) system with a state-of-the-art SBS modified bitumen system. This upgrade also included the addition of new ISO insulation boards and a vapor barrier. The aim of this improvement was not only to replace the old roofing but also to significantly enhance the building’s structural stability and energy efficiency.

We removed the old BUR system, installed a vapor barrier to protect against moisture, added ISO insulation boards, and installed the new SBS roofing system, known for its exceptional weather resistance and longevity.

Redwater Ambulance Bay with old BUR roof system
Redwater Ambulance Bay with New SBS roof System

Project Name: Service – Pembina Place
Street address: 4944 53 St
City/postal code: Redwater, Alberta, T0A 2W0

Pembina Place Roof Repairs – Redwater
At Pembina Place in Redwater, we recently completed essential SBS roof repairs to extend the roof’s lifespan until a complete re-roofing is feasible. Our team focused on targeted SBS repairs to protect the building from water leaks.

This effort underscores our dedication to delivering intelligent, cost-effective roofing services, safeguarding our client’s properties, and preparing for a future comprehensive re-roofing project.

Flat Roofing Service Repair at Pembina Place 4944 53 St - Redwater
SBS Flat Roofing Repairs at Pembina Place 4944 53 St - Redwater

Project Name: RR – 102 98 Ave
Street address: 102 St 98 Ave
City/postal code: Morinville, Alberta, T8R 1E8

Morinville Roof Upgrade:
In Morinville, we transformed a home by replacing its old SBS roofing with a new 2-ply SBS system and adding ISO insulation to boost energy efficiency. This upgrade enhanced the house’s look and thermal performance, offering the owners comfort and energy savings.

First, we carefully removed the existing SBS roof, protecting the property and its residents. Next, we installed a vapour barrier and a high-quality ISO insulation, known for its excellent thermal resistance, to minimize energy loss and maximize home comfort.

The final step was installing a new 2-Ply SBS roof, chosen for its durability and waterproofing qualities. This secures the home against the elements and improves its appearance and value.

Residential Old SBS roof replacement in Morinville
Residential SBS roof replacement in Morinville

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

1. What causes blisters on flat roofs in Sturgeon County, and how can they be treated?
    • Blisters are typically due to moisture or air trapped under the roofing material. In Sturgeon County, it’s important to have these professionally assessed and repaired to prevent further issues.
2. When is it time to consider re-roofing in Sturgeon County?
    • Re-roofing should be considered if your roof is over 20 years old, shows extensive wear, or has persistent leaks. Regular inspections are advisable in Sturgeon County due to its varying climate.
3. How beneficial is insulating my flat roof in Sturgeon County?
    • Insulating your flat roof in Sturgeon County is very beneficial for energy efficiency and protecting your roof against the local weather conditions.
4. How do I prevent moss or algae on my flat roof in Sturgeon County?
    • Prevent moss or algae by ensuring proper drainage, regular cleaning, and considering preventive treatments, especially in the damp areas of Sturgeon County.
5. What should I look for in a roofing contractor in Sturgeon County?
    • Choose a contractor with experience in flat roofs in Sturgeon County’s specific climate. Check their references, insurance, and discuss the materials and warranty options they offer.

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