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When it comes to selecting a flat roof for your commercial or residential property, your needs and preferences are at the forefront. It’s not just about us providing roofing solutions; it’s about us understanding and meeting your specific requirements.

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Brad Ward

5 Stars

We selected West Point Roofing as an Alberta certified Flat Roof installation and repair company. Peter Coscolin spent over 1 hour thoroughly inspecting the roof to provide a comprehensive evaluation and installation plan that was far more comprehensive than what other companies offer. He met with us and answered all of our questions before we committed to West Pont.

The installation team only works on flat roofs… a sister company has a separate team that only does sloped roofs. From WCB, proof of insurance and adherence to proper OH&S protocols, we felt completely satisfied. Work was scheduled quickly, completed on time. Peter Coscolin provided a comprehensive pre-work assessment and followed with a post-work report filled with photos showing their work as it progressed.

As a certified installer, work is guaranteed by the company and the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association. Peter just completed a 6-month post installation inspection that included more photos in a report… the first of annual inspections to follow. We cannot say enough good things about West Point and Peter Coscolin and the exceptional work that the entire team completed.

Having our roof installation done properly has brought peace of mind. At minimum, hire an Alberta Roofing Contractors Association company. To know your work will be done properly, hire West Point and speak with Peter before making any decision.

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New SBS roof installed in Edmonton“Our new flat roof has not only enhanced our building’s efficiency but also its aesthetic appeal. The team really listened to what we wanted.”

Paul. M -


By collaborating with renowned names like IKO and Soprema, we offer a range of roofing systems that cater to various needs, be it for flat or low slope structures. More importantly, we focus on how these solutions align with your expectations and building requirements.

New sleepers for solar panels done in SBS in Edmonton“Transitioning from an old BUR roof to a modern, eco-friendly option was seamless thanks to their expertise.”

Ann. E

St. Albert

Customized Roofing Solutions for Every Property

Every property has its own story and requirements. Whether it’s the durability of metal roofing or the precision of liquid-applied systems for complex layouts, our goal is to find the right fit for your building.

“The metal roofing solution provided was not just durable but also perfectly matched our building’s style.”

Sharon. S


Eco-Friendly Choices and Assured Quality

Our commitment extends beyond roofing installations to embracing environmentally sustainable practices. With eco-friendly options and advanced warranty offerings, we ensure you get a roofing solution that is both reliable and responsible.

Mr Amiri - 4937 49 Street - Camrose“Transitioning from a foam roof system, which always leaked, to a modern, SBS 2-ply roofing system option, thanks, Peter C.”

Mr. Amiri

Commercial foam roof replacement in Camrose

Innovative Roof Inspection Services for Longevity and Safety

Ensuring the longevity and safety of your roof is crucial. Our specialized flat roof inspection services are designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing your roof is in top condition.

“After their thorough inspection, we’re confident our roof is ready to withstand any weather.” 

Lee. A

Fort Saskatchewan

Testimonials From More Customers

Commercial tar and gravel roof replacement in EdmontonThis summer we needed our tar and gravel roof replaced on our business building.  We contacted Peter Coscolin at West Point Roofing for a quote.  Peter gave us a very professional quote plus took me to see several roofs that their company had replaced.  The other companies that we contacted either did not return our calls, gave a one-page quote or came in at double the price.

We were very pleased with the time and effort Peter showed us to make sure we were comfortable with the job they would be doing. In replacing our roof there was the parking lot and air conditioning units that needed to be considered.  Peter was very good at arranging with others for the shutdowns and rearranging the parking and safety of all concerned. We are very pleased with the completed job and look forward to worry-free rainy and snowy days.  The two-year free maintenance program that is offered shows how they stand behind their work. Thank you Peter.

Darrel and Dorothy S.

Commercial tar and gravel roof replacement in Edmonton



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Residential tar and gravel roof replacement in MorinvilleI would like to take this opportunity to provide a reference for Peter Coscolin from West Point Roofing. I had my entire residential flat roof reroofed in the fall. The job was well done, timely and very professional. It was quite an expensive job but worth every cent. The crew was very professional and thorough in their work and clean-up.

We had one small hiccup with a torrential rainstorm before the roof was completely sealed and we did have a leak which took down some interior ceiling. Peter had his crew out here that day, on a Sunday to address it. Peter compensated me for the repairs that had to be done to the interior ceiling. I have no reservations giving Peter and company my highest recommendation.

Laurence P.

Residential tar and gravel roof replacement in Morinville, Alberta

Residential low slope tar and gravel roof replacement in St AlbertDuring the busiest time of year for construction, we had trouble getting a roofing company to quote to replace our old tar and gravel roof.  Out of 10-12 contractors I had approached for quotes, West Point Roofing not only did a site inspection and quote in short order but had a very respectable quote. And obviously were the successful bidder. West Point further impressed us when they did our roof ahead of the estimated time they gave us. (We were experiencing some small roof leaks and West Point pushed up our install schedule by several weeks)

We found Peter Coscolin to be both knowledgable and professional and he helped us understand the process of putting on the new roof.The part that impressed us the most was the extensive inspection Peter did on the old roof and the very complete explanation of what had to be done which he described in great detail in his quote. Peter was thereafter the install to make sure any loose ends were taken care of promptly. This was a very costly upgrade to our home and we felt completely safe in letting West Point do the roof replacement. In this day and age of decreasing customer satisfaction and poor quality workmanship – This is a HAPPY STORY- and that means a lot! We are very happy with the end result and would definitely use this company again for our future roofing needs and would highly recommend them.

Gary & Lori B.

Residential tar and gravel roof replacement in St Albert

Commercial tar and gravel roof replacement for Mr George B. in EdmontonAfter many years of using the same contractor, and also being satisfied with their work, I decided maybe I should look at different quotes as the one I received from my contractor seemed to be accessibly high, to replace a whole roof of 23,000 sq. ft. Looking at different quotes, talking to roofers, and listening to all the sales pitches. The most honest and helpful was Peter Coscolin of West Point Roofing. He answered all questions and also made some money-saving suggestions. Although he was not the lowest quote, he seemed to be the most honest and professional.

His crew came and were very clean, worked with our tenant, not to interfere with his business. Had a safety inspector on-site several times. I spoke with her and was very satisfied that all safety regulations were followed.  Also, they made sure that in case it rained the roof was covered. Although this repair was quite large, it was completed in a timely. At the end, Peter and I inspected the new roof and I came away very satisfied. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter Coscolin to anybody interested in a professional job.

George B.

Commercial tar and gravel roof replacement in Edmonton

Commercial flat roof in replacement for Cash Canada in EdmontonWe have been using the services of West Point Roofing for a year now and have been completely satisfied with their quality of work in their respective field. Commercial flat roof consultant, Peter Coscolin, has gone above and beyond to make sure that we are satisfied customers. West Point Roofing does an excellent job while offering competitive rates and amazing customer service.

We have tired West Point Roofing to repair the roofs at a few of our locations here in Edmonton, and most recently, they have replaced the entire roof at our Eashwood location, located at 8730 11th Avenue. They offer a wonderful warranty on all work completed and work with you to ensure that all your questions are addressed in a timely manner. I am happy to recommend the services of West Point Roofing.

Aimee C.

Commercial flat roof replacement in Edmonton, For Cash Canada Financial



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Residential tar and gravel roof replacement in Sherwood Park - Mr Rod FWe made many inquiries during the last year seeking a roofing company to replace our 25-year-old tar and gravel roof. We wanted it done properly and with respect to our home and property. With four quotes in hand, we met with Mr. Peter Coscolin of West Point Roofing Inc. Peter instantly put us at ease. He answered all questions and thoroughly explained the process and what the final result would be. What we really appreciated was the fact that Peter took all the unease and worry away from us.

This was a significant and costly upgrade to our home and we wanted it done properly with a professional contractor that would impress us with their attention to detail. From the first day to the last Peter’s crew (Josh and the others) were very respectful of our property – Keeping things tidy as they went along. All our concerns about replacing our outdated roof were fully forgotten. Before we knew it, the roof was replaced and looks better than expected. No hassles at all. We are so happy that Peter and his guys were the ultimate professionals. We are more than pleased to recommend Mr. Peter Coscolin and West Point Roofing.

Rod F.

Residential tar and gravel roof replacement in Sherwood Park

New commercial flat roof on the Emmanuel Community Church – Done for Stonehouse ContractingStonehouse Contracting is pleased to recommend West Point Roofing for any roofing project. Having just completed a large commercial project with them, we can testify to their work ethic and the quality of their work.

We have found West Point to be safety conscious, which is very important to us on a public building. The professionalism shown by the installers and foreman was exceptional, providing progress reports regularly throughout the project. In addition, Peter Coscolin was very knowledgeable, providing a hands-on collaborative approach to each phase of the project.

Our experience with West Point has been excellent, from the initial sales contact to the planning and completion of this multiphase project. We would not hesitate to hire them for our next commercial project.

Richard O’Neil

Commercial flat roof replacement in Edmonton, For Stonehouse Contracting

flat roof systems for residentialI am writing this letter of recommendation for West Point Roofing and in particular Peter Coscolin and Chris (roofing foreman overseeing my roof install).

I owned a previous house with a flat roof which required a new roof after 30 yrs and many leaks. I began searching for roofing contractors and soon realized a flat roof re-install required skilled, knowledgeable and experienced installers from an experienced company. I searched for many months and thought I had hired a good company with a proven track record. I checked their references, checked with BBB, reviewed and discussed in person what my expectation were, asked for multiple comparable quotes, and even after all these months of research, searching, interviewing (as well as missed appt, unprofessional and unknowledgeable people), my roof install was a disaster and required many more follow-up complaints to have the job partially completed ( I had to repair the damage they refused to repair). I was so disgusted with the roofing industry; I swore I would never buy another flat-roof house again.

I own another flat-top roof which is 40 yrs. old and needs replacement soon but not leaking. The house has an attached garage which was also flat but was leaking. Armed with the knowledge of my previous experience from my first house, I was determined to find a better company. I went through all the previously mentioned steps of painstakingly searching, interviewing, getting quotes, etc… and hired a company I thought would be better than the previous company I had hired. I had a strategy to first replace the garage portion of the roof only then inspect their product’s performance, and their installation procedure and capabilities.

Since it was an SBS torch-on system, I was concerned about the fire safety and the precautions they take to address them. I reviewed in great detail every step they would take and all safety precautions they would follow. However, all of my effort and requests and expectations were dismissed once the install began. Day 1- flashing on my roof trim was damaged, Day 2- siding damaged and stained, Day 3- job site shut down from OH&S due to lack of safety precautions, Day 4-Vinyl siding along an adjacent wall completely melted and destroyed, Day 5-huge argument regarding their refusal to replace all burnt and destroyed siding from their carelessness. Day 6- I refused to pay the remainder 50% balance owing for garage roof until repairs of damages were completed. Day 12-they perform a very poor job of repair and left exposed wood which required me to again perform temporary repairs to preserve the wood and prevent water damage behind my wall. Day 13, I refuse to use them for the main house roof and terminate them completely.

Fast forward again to current calendar. I am still in great need of a replacement roof for my house. (which is now the home of my terminally ill mother). I reluctantly embark on a search for a competent company that is willing to install a commercial grade roof on a residential home. I booked appointments (various no shows), received multiple quotes (ridiculously high and low), listened to so called roofing experts with one who actually recommended they “could install an additional drain through the center of my house”- completely clueless that doing so would require a drain pipe to extend through the middle of my living room, into the basement and then through the concrete slab to eventually connect to the public drain pipe- unbelievable!!!!). My thoughts turned to how absolutely pitiful the entire roofing industry is that after all my previous attempts and two separate companies that I hired; I still could not find a single “roofing professional.”

All this changed when I finally called West Point Roofing and spoke with Peter Coscolin. I explained to him that I wanted input from a “professional” as to the best options for replacing my ageing tar and gravel roof. Peter and I agreed on an appointment time to inspect and review my roof. He showed up on time and looked professional in his appearance and presentation. After speaking with Peter, it became obvious to me that he was not “like the others.” He listened to my concerns, he inspected my current roof, then explained the differences/advantages of different roofing options available.

He took extra time to explain options I did not know I had, then took extensive measurements needed to provide me an accurate quote. Because I wanted to install a positive-slope insulation package, additional consideration for building up the parapet walls were necessary. Peter provided me a detailed and professional quote with all necessary information. The cost was competitive but not excessive. He then provided an estimate for a possible install date which was acceptable to me. Peter then called and said they could do it earlier and their crew would look after “absolutely every detail.” He assured me every single concern would be addressed if I had any.

residential tar and gravel roof replacement in Edmonton - Todd CMy roof install began in Aug. The roofing foreman was a fellow named Chris. Chris oversaw all aspects of removal of the old roof, building up the parapet walls, installing positive slope insulation, applying new roofing SBS membrane system and site cleanup. Chris and his crew were courteous, efficient, knowledgeable and above all “professional.” The worksite (my yard) was left clean and tidy and I did not have a single issue- just as Peter assured me!!!!

I can say without hesitation that both Peter and Chris are both “professionals!” They exceeded my expectations at every level and have represented West Point Roofing exceptionally well. I have since learned that they also provide siding services. Without a doubt, It will be my first call when I’m ready to make my next house improvement!!

Highly recommended!

Todd C.

Residential tar and gravel roof replacement in Edmonton



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Sherwood Park Presbyterian Church contracted with West Point Roofing to replace parts of the built-up roofing system on our church in Sherwood Park. On two separate contracts, the work was completed in the summer and winter months.

Peter Coscolin provided the quotations and scheduled the work. We found Peter very knowledgeable and professional in his work with Sherwood Park Presbyterian. The work was completed as quoted and we were very satisfied with the final installation.

From our experience, I certainly would recommend West Point Roofing as a qualified and reputable contractor.

William L.

Commercial flat roof replacement in Sherwood Park, For Sherwood Park Presbyterian Church

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